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Net Control Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in the Maritime Mobile Service Net.

Before proceeding to the Application Form, PLEASE, Read the following very carefully.

The Maritime Mobile Service Network is looking for dedicated new members, including those willing to train, to become a Net Control Operator. All we ask is at least filling a one-hour time slot each week.

Filling out an Application means you are expressing a desire to join in the Net Control responsibilities of the Net.

Our Mission is to:
  1. Handle legal third party traffic from maritime mobiles, both pleasure and commercial, and overseas deployed military personnel. We also help missionaries in foreign countries and people abroad.
  2. Provide weather information for vessels at sea.
  3. Assist the United States Coast Guard upon request in finding lost or overdue vessels.
  4. To be of assistance in any type of emergency.
To help us fulfill our mission, we use online tools for logging stations, filing position reports of vessels, real-time chat, and more. Additionally, the Network acts as a weather beacon for ships during periods of severe weather and regularly repeats high seas and tropical weather warnings and bulletins from the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center. It is therefore imperative that you are comfortable in learning and using such online tools. Also, a good internet connection is essential.

The Maritime Mobile Service Network's heritage is built on service. We want men and women who can operate in a professional manner and accept the challenges emergency services personnel face every day.

If this makes sense to you, and you'd like to join us, then we welcome your application.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and for showing your interest to be involved.

Net Management

"Go To The Application Form"