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Sailors And Cruisers Links & Information

This is by no means a complete listing of the sites that are designed for the sailor!  But, these are some of the better ones, with lots of information for you and lots of island information.

If you have a favourite site that is not on this list, please email us and let us know.  We are continually updating this page.

For your convenience, clicking on any of these links will open a second instance of your browser.  Simply close the second window when you're done to return to this page.

Atlantic Yacht Basin

Boat Storage
Need a place to store your vessel, check out Neighbor.
The motivation for a “Boat Watch” organization dates back to 1998 when members of the Ham and Maritime Radio Services were contacted to broadcast a “BOLO” (Be On the LookOut) for vessels overdue at their intended destination, or had gone all together missing. Since then, has become recognized as the authority and repository for information on Overdue, Missing and Stolen Vessels throughout the world. works closely with the USCG Rescue Coordination Centers around the country and the world.  We have successfully located over 100 vessels, many in record time, through the use of High Frequency (HF or Ham) radio, this website, and our Facebook Group “Boat Watch.”

Caribbean On-line Yellow Pages
Yellow pages listings for most islands in the Caribbean

Country & Port Information Around The World
Excellent information about ports of entries and marinas in the country

Cruisers Network Online (CNO)
Moderated by Glenn Tuttle - K9TUT, the Cruisers Network Online consists of nearly 1400 members, including circumnavigators, who regularly exchange information regarding their cruising experiences, immigration matters, safety and security issues, fuel prices, and other matters of mutual interest.

ITU Channel / Frequency List

'Lectronic Latitude 38
Stories and happenings in the sailing world

Marine Radio Nets and Weather Broadcasts For Cruisers
Always good to know!

Other Pages Of Interest
EPIRB - What is an EPIRB?

The following is a listing of ham radio maritime nets.  You must have a ham radio license to transmit on these frequencies.  But you are always welcome to listen!  Please send any updates to the listing to the webmaster.

However, if you have an emergency, you may transmit on any frequency where you can get help, including the ham frequencies.

Amateur Radio Maritime Nets (updated September 2020)

- use lower sideband (LSB) on 7 MHz frequencies and below
- use upper sideband (USB) on frequencies above 7 MHz

Time UTC Freq (MHz) Name Of Net
0000 3.968 Happy Hour Net
  14.320 SEA Maritime Mobile Net
  14.135 Pacific Island Net
0025 14.323 South East Asian Maritime Net
0100 3.925 Gulf Coast Hurricane Net
  21.407 Pacific - Indian Ocean Net
0130 28.313 10 Meter Maritime Mobile Net
  7.126 Maritime Mobile Fast CW Net
0200 21.402 Gerry's Happy Hour
  14.334 Brazil East Coast Net
  3.932 Great Lakes Emergency Net
  7.126 Maritime Mobile Slow CW Net
  14.303 California - Hawaii Net
  7.290 Hawaii PM Net
0220 14.315 Travelers Net
0300 14.300 Pacific Seafarer's Net  (warm-up session)
0325 14.300 Pacific Seafarer's Net  (roll call)
  7.294 Sandia Net
0330 14.040 Cruising Club Maritime Mobile CW Net
0400 14.115 Canadian DDD Net
  14.318 Arnold's Net
  14.075 Pacific CW Traffic Net
  14.314 Pacific Maritime Mobile Net
0500 21.200 UK / NZ / African Net
  21.280 USA / VK Traffic Net
0630   South African Maritime Net
40 m band on 7120 kHz LSB at 0635 UTC and 1135 UTC
20 m band on 14316 kHz USB at 0630 UTC, 1130 UTC and
         1500-1530 UTC on ad hoc basis
  14.313 International Maritime Mobile Net
  14.180 Pitcairn Net
0700 7.085 Mediterranean Sea Cruisers Net
  14.265 Pacific Island Net
  14.310 Guam Area Net
0715 3.820 Bay of Islands Net
0800 14.315 Pacific Inter-Island Net
  14.303 United Kingdom Maritime Net  (morning session)
  7.280 Australia Traffic Net
0900 14.300 Mediterranean Sea Maritime Mobile Net
  7.080 Canary Island Net
0930 3.855 Eric In Trinidad (morning session)
1000 14.320 South China Sea Net
  14.330 Pacific Gunkholers Net
1030 3.815 Caribbean Weather Net
  14.265 Barbados Cruising Net
1010 7.250 Caribbean Weather Net
1030 7.086 Detailed Wind & Seas  (Caribbean)
1100 3.770 Maritime Provinces Weather Net
  7.250 Caribbean Maritime Mobile Net
  14.300 Intercon Net
  14.283 Carribus Traffic Net
  14.119 Le Reseau du Capitaine  (French speaking net)
1110 3.930 Puerto Rico / Virgin Island Weather Net
1115 14.320 Roy's Net
1130 14.325 Swedish & Scandinavian Maritime Nets  (combined)  Oct – Apr  (alt. 21.325)
          1930 UTC Apr – Nov (alt. 21.325)
    South African Maritime Net
40 m band on 7120 kHz LSB at 0635 UTC and 1135 UTC
20 m band on 14316 kHz USB at 0630 UTC, 1130 UTC and
         1500-1530 UTC on ad hoc basis
  21.325 South Atlantic Roundtable
1145 14.121.5 Mississauga Net  (winter)
1200 28.380 Maritime Mobile Net
  14.040 Maritime Mobile CW Net
  14.320 Southeast Asia Net
  14.332 Young Ladies Emergency Net
  3.696 Bahamas Weather Net
1230 7.185 Barbados Information Net
  14.325 Scandinavian Net  (Atlantic & Caribbean)
1245 7.268 Waterway Radio & Cruising Club Net
  14.121.5 Mississauga Net  (summer)
1300 21.400 Trans-Atlantic Maritime Net
  7.083 Central American Breakfast Club
  14.319 Middellandse Zee Net
1400 7.292 Florida Coast Net
1415 3.968 Sonrisa Net
1430 7.194 Chubasco Net
1500 7.193 Alaska Net
  7.233.5 Baja - California Net (winter)
    South African Maritime Net
40 m band on 7120 kHz LSB at 0635 UTC and 1135 UTC
20 m band on 14316 kHz USB at 0630 UTC, 1130 UTC and
         1500-1530 UTC on ad hoc basis
1530 14.173 Chesapeake Nautical Net
  3.865 Northwest Boaters Net
1545 14.340 Marquises Net
1600 7.238.5 Baja California Net  (summer)
  7.200/268 Taco Net
  14.300 Maritime Mobile Service Net  (summer)
1630 14.313 German Maritime Mobile Net
  21.350 Pitcairn Net
1700 14.300 Maritime Mobile Service Network  (winter)
  14.329 Skippers Net
  14.323 US / Canada Power Squadron Net
  14.340 California Hawaii Net
  7.240 Bajca Net
  14.280 Inter Mission RA Net
1730 14.115 Canadian DDD Net
1800 14.303 United Kingdom Maritime Net  (evening session)
  7.076 South Pacific Cruising Net
  7.197 South Pacific Sailing Net
1830 14.340 Manaña Net  Warm-up
  14.119 Le reaseau du capitaine  (weather in French)
1900 14.297.5 Italian Amateur Radio Maritime Mobile Net
  14.285 Kaffee Kiatch Un-Net
  14.305 Confusion Net
  14.340 Manaña Net
  7.255 West Pacific Net
  7.285 Hawaii AM Net
  21.390 Halo Net
  3.855 Friendly Net
  3.990 Northwest Maritime Net
  14.329 Bay of Islands Net
  7.285 Shamru Net
1930 3.855 Eric in Trinidad (evening session)
  7.086 Cocktails & Weather (Caribbean)
  14.325 Swedish & Scandinavian Maritime Nets  (combined)  Apr – Nov  (alt. 21.325)
          1130 UTC Oct – Apr (alt. 21.325)
2000 7.080 New Zealand Weather Net
  7.060 VK Maritime Net
  7.095 Harry's Net
  14.260 Party Line Net
  21.390 Inter-American Traffic Net
2030 14.303 Swedish Maritime Net
  7.086 Cocktail & Weather Net
2040 7.087 Comedy Net (VK and South Pacific Area)
2100 14.113 Mickey Mouse Connection
  14.261 Ben's Friends Maritime Mobile Un-Net
  14.315 Tony's Net  (New Zealand)
  14.318 Daytime Pacific Net
  21.390 North South America's Net
2130 7.295 Waterway Cocktail Hour
2200 21.412 Pacific Maritime Mobile Net
  21.350 Pitcairn Net  (Tuesdays only)
2230 3.815 Caribbean Weather Net
2235 3.815 Antilles Emergency & Weather Net
2310 3.930 Puerto Rico / Virgin Island Weather Net
2330 21.325 South Atlantic Roundtable
  3.815 Barbados / Trinidad Net