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The ITU Phonetic Alphabet

For critical information, or under noisy conditions, spell words with standard ITU phonetics.  ITU phonetics were chosen so that each word sounds completely different from all others.

A - ALPHA (AL-fa)          B - BRAVO (BRAH-voh)
C - CHARLIE (CHAR-lee)     D - DELTA (DELL-tah)
E - ECHO (ECK-oh)          F - FOXTROT (FOKS-trot)
G - GOLF (GOLF)            H - HOTEL (HOH-tell)
I - INDIA (IN-dee-ah)      J - JULIET (JU-lee-ett)
K - KILO (KEY-loh)         L - LIMA (LEE-mah)
M - MIKE (MIKE)            N - NOVEMBER (no-VEM-ber)
O - OSCAR (OSS-cah)        P - PAPA (PAH-PAH)
Q - QUEBEC (kay-BECK)      R - ROMEO (ROW-me-oh)
S - SIERRA (SEE-air-rah)   T - TANGO (TANG-go)
U - UNIFORM (YOU-ni-form)  V - VICTOR (VIK-tor)
W - WHISKEY (WISS-key)     X - X-RAY (ECKS-ray)
Y - YANKEE (YANG-key)      Z - ZULU (ZOO-loo)